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are you cosplaying for eirtakon?

yep i am!
on friday i’ll either be junko enoshima or beatrice ushiromiya
then on saturday im gonna be stick of truth craig tucker, and on sunday dipper pines!

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Oh my god please watch this video please.

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exactly one month until eirtakon oooo

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best part about fireworks night:
some teachers are nice and are like “u kno what half of u are getting pissed tonight anyway no homework for u”

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Here’s a list of stores and discount codes :3 I’ve put on my reviews if you want to check the legitimacy with the store before purchasing. Also check out other’s reviews besides mine~ 

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SH Figuarts Sakura Kinomoto!

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Axis Powers ‘All Of Our Hairstyles Are Unnecessarily Hard To Draw’ Hetalia

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turns out you’re wrong, sherlock holmes. i don’t do any kind of farming or professionally take care of dogs or anything you said. i threw on all this shit to see which and how many wild assumptions you’d make about me from one random glance, like an asshole. and you did. you made so many assumptions about my life just by taking one look, you asshole. here’s an assumption for you: sherlock holmes is a huge jackass

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deer teeth!